Dems Are Finally Showing Signs of Caving

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Posted 9 days ago

Democrats are finally showing some signs of giving into finding some barrier at the Southern border wall where border security agents are confirming there is a humanitarian crisis.

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After touring the US-Mexico border with Customs and Border Patrol agents near the Paso Del Norte Port of Entry on Saturday, a group of Democrat lawmakers admitted that “strategic investments” are needed to bolster security at the porous borderline.

Prominent Democrat leader Steny Hoyer admitted that “We do have a humanitarian challenge and crisis in some respects,” while denying America is “under siege” by ever-growing numbers of illegal migrants.

“We’re here to see what the facts are,” said Hoyer, later admitting that “What we have seen confirms we need smart, strategic investments to strengthen border security.”

Social media commenters responded overwhelmingly to point out the obvious, and remind Hoyer that the “smart” and strategically-proven investment which would best suit the task happens to be President Trump’s proposed border barrier.

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