Yuge! Congress Won’t Be Able To Stop Trump From Using Emergency Money For Wall

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Posted 9 days ago

We finally got some good news!

If President Trump decides to use his emergency power for the wall, congress will have little power to stop him.

From Washington Times:

If President Trump were to declare a border emergency and use the Pentagon to build his border wall, Congress wouldn’t be able to muster the votes to block him, the top House Republican said Friday.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s comments could stiffen spines at the White House, where Mr. Trump is pondering whether to use emergency powers to construct more border fencing, if he doesn’t win funding from Congress.

If the president did use emergency powers Congress could attempt to overturn it, by voting for a resolution of disapproval. That would require majority votes in either chamber — but Mr. Trump would then likely veto it, and Congress would then have to muster two-thirds of each chamber to override the veto and prevail.

Mr. McCarthy said that won’t happen.

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