California police discover secret underground shooting range

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 10 days ago

The Fontana Police Department discovered a secret shooting range and hideaway at a "known gang member" home. The secret underground shooting range is filled with weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo.

Fontana Police Department posted pictures of the secret hideaway that they found Thursday night:

Last night members of the Fontana PD SMASH (Gang) Unit, served a search warrant on a residence of a known gang member. While searching the house a man hole was located that led to an underground hiding area and an additional underground area that was being used as a shooting range.

Numerous weapons were located, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. Including a 100 round drum for an AR-15 rifle. All evidence was taken and suspects were booked without incident.

Friendly message to anyone who wants to engage in illegal activity and be a member of a gang. We will never give up on keeping our community safe and free of violence. We are the champions at Hide n Seek and no man hole will help you. If you hide we will find you. If you run you will go to jail tired. If you do crime in our city, we will hunt you in the pursuit of justice for our community.

We strongly recommend that you put as much effort as you did in your underground cave, into becoming a productive member of society. You will thank us later for this advice.


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