Newt Gingrich Sounds The Alarm For Trump

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Posted 11 days ago

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Trump must stand firm and get the wall or it would ruin him.


The one thing neither the liberal media nor the Democrats have taken into their calculations about the government shutdown is that President Trump has to win on the border security issue. He has no choice. If it takes six months, it will take six months. If it can be done next Monday, it will be done next Monday.

As commander in chief, President Trump has said controlling the southern border is a genuine national security issue and that failure would mean Americans continue to risk losing their lives to criminals who enter the country illegally. How does he back away from protecting American lives?

As a political leader, candidate Trump made controlling the southern border one of his major themes. He has been talking about it for three and a half years. If he were to back down, it would send a signal of weakness to his base.

Remember that despite endless negative news coverage from the liberal media (92 percent negative by some studies) President Trump averages 42 percent approval across a variety of polls. This number is rock hard because his base believes he is a genuine change agent. They shrug off attacks by the liberal media as the natural result of Trump being committed to real change.

If President Trump were to back down, he would resemble the Republican politicians who had failed to fight for the Tea Party movement – and earned the GOP-led Congress only 12 percent approval of the Republican electorate in 2016. Trump was nominated in part because the base Republican electorate was tired of leaders who promised big changes at campaign time and then delivered excuses when trying to govern. They currently believe Trump is different from normal politicians. So far, every indication we have is that he is truly different and truly a unique figure.

President Trump is also caught by the very book that first made him famous. Trump: The Art of the Deal was a huge best seller after it was published in 1987 and established Trump as a great dealmaker. He has repeated this claim to dealmaking brilliance over and over – as a candidate and president. To now walk away without a deal would be a stunning collapse of his reputation.

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