Hannity Just Got The Scoop On The Emergency Wall

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Posted 11 days ago

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During a visit to the border at Anzalduas Dam in Mission, Texas, President Trump revealed to Sean Hannity he will most likely declare a national emergency after thinking about it “over the next few days.”

Trump also made it clear, his first choice is for congress to do their jobs and fund the wall to end the shutdown.

From yahoo.com

President Donald Trump made it clear to Fox News’ Sean Hannity that he will “most likely” declare a national emergency to build his border wall and suggested that he’d decide on it “over the next few days.”

Speaking to Hannity during his visit to the border at McAllen, Texas, on Thursday, Trump said he’d likely declare the emergency if he couldn’t reach a deal with Democrats in Congress for funding to begin building the wall.

“If we don’t make a deal with Congress, most likely I will do that,” Trump said. “I would actually say I would.”

“I can’t imagine any reason why not, because I’m allowed to do it. The law is 100 percent on my side,” he added.

Trump expressed similar certainty to reporters before leaving for Texas, saying at the White House that he could almost say “definitely” that he would declare the emergency.

Trump was less clear about when he would make the call but suggested to Hannity that it could be soon.

“We’re going to see what happens over the next few days. They should do it immediately,” Trump said, referring to Democrats in Congress who have not agreed to the president’s demand of $5.7 billion for the wall.

“Look, we’re not going anywhere,” he continued. “We’re not changing our minds.”



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