BREAKING: It’s A Record!

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Posted 11 days ago

The Government Shutdown has just broken the record for the longest shutdown in history.

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The 22-day partial government shutdown became the longest shutdown in United States history, breaking a record from 1996 on Saturday.

President Donald Trump and Congress continue to dispute funding for a wall at the southern border, a proposal backed by the president.

Meanwhile, nearly 800,000 federal workers are affected -- many of them missed their first paychecks since the shutdown started on Friday, according to the American Federation of Government Employees. Another one-third will experience a missed paycheck on Monday, with the rest turning up empty on Tuesday.

About half of those workers -- 420,000 -- are required to work without pay.

On Friday, the closure tied the longest government shutdown in history, which stretched 21 days from December 1995 to January 1996 under President Bill Clinton. A November 1995 Washington Post/ABC News survey found that respondents put most of the blame on the Republican Congress instead of the Clinton administration.

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