President Trump In It For The Long Haul

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Posted 12 days ago

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump’s insistence on obtaining full funding for his proposed wall along the southern border will officially result in the longest lapse in federal government funding in U.S. history.

The dispute centers on a high stakes fight between Trump and Democratic lawmakers over wall funding, with the president demanding 5.7 billion dollars and the opposition offering up only 1.6 billion. Trump has made several counter-offers to Democrats to try and breakthrough in negotiations, but Democrats have insisted that they will not offer up a single dollar more than 1.6 billion unless the federal government is fully reopened.

The dispute reached its apex during a Wednesday meeting in the Situation Room when Trump asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi point-blank if he reopened the government whether she would then agree to negotiate somewhat on appropriating more funds for a border wall. When Pelosi replied “no,” Trump by his admission put his hands up in exasperation and said “bye bye.”

The extraordinary confrontation marks a continued fight with no end in sight. Stakes surrounding the effects of the shutdown begin to mount as nearly 800,000 federal workers went their first pay period cycle without a paycheck. Cascading effects have been seen at airports, national parks, and even food inspections with negative aspects beginning to creep into ordinary American life.

Despite this, however, a source close to the president told The Daily Caller “he doesn’t give a damn” broadly about the effects of the shutdown because the wall is an existential delivery both politically and for U.S. security.

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