FGM Is On The Rise In The U.K. - Way Worse Than In The U.S.!

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While a Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) case in Michigan has captured headlines, beneath the surface the practice continues to be on the rise. In the U.K., the practice is far more prevalent than in the U.S., with the authorities all but powerless to stop it.

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Last week, the abhorrent practices of Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and emergency room physician, Jumana Nagarwala were exposed after they performed female genital mutilation (FGM) procedures after-hours at a medical practice just outside of Detroit.

It was alarming enough for something like this to transpire in the United States – so naturally, the mind may wander to question how the United Kingdom, -with their unfettered open borders policy and shipping in of migrants en masse – fares in comparison to the U.S.’s few recorded cases of the brutal practice.

The answer is much, much worse…

In just one year, the number of girls in England who have experienced or are at risk of FGM has more than doubled, according to social workers.

Between 2017 and 2018, the number of cases of female genital mutilation rose to 1,960; compared to only 970 the year before. The increase was attributed to better detection by social workers and experts claim that the true occurrence of FGM cases is likely to be much higher, as it remains a hidden and silent crime.

As it stands, more than 30 cases a week are now coming to the attention of social workers in the U.K. – seeing to the unprecedented rise of cases in such a short time.

Anita Lower, Local Government Association (LGA) lead on the FGM epidemic, said:

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Posted 11 days ago: Doctors Accused Of Female Genital Mutilation Let Off Scot-Free By Activist Judge!

Two Michigan doctors accused of Female Genital Mutilation, an internationally-banned practice, were let off by a judge who stated that the Congressional law was a "states rights" violation. From Free Market Shooter: fmshooter.com Last year, the first federal case involving female genital mutilation (FGM) was filed in the United States against two Michigan doctors. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and emergency room physician, Jumana Nagarwala were charged with performing the procedure on two 7-year-old girls. However, U.S. district judge Bernard Friedman ruled on Tuesday that an anti-FGM law was unconstitutional and that Congress had no authority to enact a law that criminalizes the practice. Furthermore, Friedman dismissed the charges of female genital mutilation against Nagarwala and Attar. The charges against three mothers implicit in the FGM procedures were dropped and Tahera Shafiq, who was accused of participating in the procedures, also had the charges against her dropped. Nagarwala and Attar, however, still face conspiracy charges and an obstruction count that could send them to prison for upwards of 20 years. The wife of Fakhruddin Attar, Farida Attar, is accused in indictments of giving one of the girls who underwent the procedure Valium that was ground up in liquid Tylenol. Farida Attar’s trial is set for April of 2019. Although defense lawyers claim the procedures performed on the girls was “benign” and not FGM – and have accused the government of overreaching – one must wonder where the line between a procedure being or not being female genital mutilation is drawn. Since 1996, the procedure has been illegal in the U.S. and the World Health Organization has specified there are no medical benefits for girls and women to undergo the procedure. In his 28-page opinion, Friedman detailed that Congress didn’t have the authority to pass the 22-year-old federal law that criminalizes FGM – and claims it’s up to the states to regulate. Nagarwala has been steadfast in her claim that she’s committed no crime and that she was charged under a faulty law: Read more: fmshooter.com Please share and comment!

Posted 19 days ago: Judge orders female genital mutilation charges dropped

A federal judge dismissed criminal charges against two doctors in a landmark female genital mutilation case and ruled that Congress “overstepped its bounds” by passing a law banning the procedure. From clickondetroit.com
A federal judge in Detroit has ordered female genital mutilation (FGM) charges against eight people to be dropped on the grounds that the statute outlawing the procedure is unconstitutional. The government alleged that Dr. Jumana Nagarwala performed the procedure on young girls from Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar is accused of allowing Dr. Nagarwala to use his Burhani Medical Clinic in Livonia, Mich. to perform the procedure. Farida Attar and Tahera Shafiq are accused of assisting Dr. Nagarwala in performing the procedure. Four other defendants, who are the mothers of the victims, brought their daughters to the clinic for the procedure. Four of the victims are residents of Michigan, three are residents of Illinois, and two are residents of Minnesota. Count one charges all of the defendants with conspiracy to commit FGM, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371. Counts two through six charge all of the defendants with committing FGM and with aiding and abetting each other in doing so, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 116, also known as the FGM statute. The defendants sought the dismissal of all of the FGM charges -- substantive, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting -- on the grounds that Congress lacked authority to enact such a statute against it. "Defendants argue that Congress may exercise legislative authority only to the extent allowed by the Constitution, and that the only potentially applicable sources of congressional power -- the Necessary and Proper Clause and the Commerce Clause 3 – do not grant it authority to prohibit FGM," reads a court document filed Tuesday. Judge Bernard Friedman has ruled that the FGM statute cannot be sustained under the "Necessary and Proper Clause" nor under the Commerce Clause, and has ordered counts one through six dismissed.

Posted 20 days ago: Nature Magazine is getting eviscerated for suggesting genitals don't define gender

This is what happens when ideology trumps science in a once prestigious journal. Nature magazine is getting destroyed for suggesting the US Department of Health and Human Services is wrong for using genitals to different identify sexes. "The US Department of Health and Human Services proposes to establish a legal definition of whether someone is male or female based on the genitals they are born with. This proposal has no foundation in science and should be abandoned," the magazine tweeted.


In their opinion paper, they wrote, "The idea that science can make definitive conclusions about a person’s sex or gender is fundamentally flawed." The magazine is getting destroyed on social media:













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