Honduran migrant who complained about the free food is now in Dallas

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 5 days ago

Mirian Celaya, the infamous “Lady Frijoles,” migrant woman who called Tijuana shelter meals “pig food,” has reportedly made it to the United States, according to a video made by her and her sister. Apparently, the Honduran migrant had been granted asylum in Dallas, Texas.

Here's the video of woman from November complaining about the food being served to her.

“The food that they’re handing out here is terrible. Refried beans? As if they were feeding the pigs. If we don’t eat this, we will die of hunger,” the Honduran migrant said.


Here she is in Dallas with her sister celebrating. "Here in Dallas," confirms Celaya, adding: "This was the promise that God gave me, this, whatever I have suffered, I have shed tears, I am with God, because he used to tear it and here IM with my sister".



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