Report: California Democrats are trying to pass a bill that would give Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 5 days ago

California in their infinite wisdom are planning to extend Medicaid benefits to illegal immigrants. This on the surface may seem like a virtuous move, but would only encourage more illegal immigrants to continue entering our country unlawfully.


A California lawmaker has pledged to re-introduce a bill that would allow adults who live in the state illegally to receive medical care paid for by the government.

State Assembly member Joaquin Arambula, a Democrat and a doctor, announced the plans Monday as the legislature convened at the state capitol, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Should the bill advance, California would become the first state to extend Medicaid coverage regardless of immigration status. State projections for last year's bill found that 1.8 million people in California are uninsured and reside there illegally; roughly 1.2 million would qualify for Medi-Cal, the name of the state's Medicaid program.


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