This Church Just Put Baby Jesus In a Cage For an Immigration Nativity Scene

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Posted 6 days ago

A church in Massachusetts has put Baby Jesus in a cage to represent an “immigrant” nativity scene.

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Is nothing sacred anymore to these sickening liberals?

A Dedham Massachusetts church is receiving mixed reaction over its ‘controversial’ nativity scene wherein baby Jesus is in a cage, separated from Mary and Joseph.

St. Susanna Parish says its goal was to spark up a conversation about how poorly illegal aliens are treated at the US-Mexico border.

Never mind that Obama had the same policies or that these people are illegally invading the United States

The nativity scene is a Christian tradition to celebrate the birth of the Savior God promised to the world, but leave it to liberals to turn it political with a grotesque spin backed by lies from the media.

Last year, the same church turned its nativity scene into a cry for gun control by posting the worst mass shootings in US history along with the death toll above Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

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