JUST IN: Everyone Is Wondering What George W. Bush Just Handed To Michelle Obama

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Posted 6 days ago

Former President George W. Bush appears to have once again handed something to Michelle Obama at a funeral. The last time was during Senator John McCain’s funeral and it appears the viral meme will be recreated once again as an exchange has now occurred at Bush Sr.’s funeral.



As reported by apnews.com
Former President George W. Bush appeared to hand former first lady Michelle Obama something at his father’s funeral, recreating a moment from Sen. John McCain’s funeral earlier this year.

At McCain’s funeral, Bush and Obama were seatmates and he appeared to hand her something during a eulogy. The bipartisan moment went viral, and Obama later told NBC’s “Today” show Bush slipped her a mint.

On Wednesday, Bush dug into his pocket right before he shook the hands of the former presidents and their wives gathered for the funeral of his father, former President George H.W. Bush. He appeared to switch something into his right hand before he shook Mrs. Obama’s hand and then hand something to her. She smiled at him after the exchange.


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