President Trump Announced A ‘Game Changer’ With China

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 6 days ago

President Trump on Wednesday said he spoke with President Xi of China and agreed to making fentanyl a “controlled substance.” Trump said Fentanyl users may get the death penalty for supplying the drug.

“One of the very exciting things to come out of my meeting with President Xi of China is his promise to me to criminalize the sale of deadly Fentanyl coming into the United States. It will now be considered a “controlled substance.” This could be a game changer on what is.......” Trump tweeted.

“.....considered to be the worst and most dangerous, addictive and deadly substance of them all. Last year over 77,000 people died from Fentanyl. If China cracks down on this “horror drug,” using the Death Penalty for distributors and pushers, the results will be incredible!”

This is an amazing agreement. Many American will not have to lose their loved ones from this horrible drug.


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