Swedes Want Their Country Back - Says It’s Time To Bring Out ‘Inner Viking’

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Posted 7 days ago

Since the influx of unchecked migration, Sweden has been plagued with rapes and the corruption of culture.

Once a modeled country to the world, it is rapidly sinking from the status.

Many Swedes feel their country have become too political correct and their free speech is being compromised.

From voiceofeurope.com

Around 1000 people participated in the 3-hour-long event outside the Swedish Parliament on Sunday.

Several speakers participated, including Sweden’s most active and well-known journalist and freedom fighter Katerina Janouch, Reader in Business Administration Jan Tullberg, and lecturer and writer Lennart Matikainen.

Janouch stated that Sweden has gone from being a model country to a country that doesn’t care about its own citizens.

“The billions flow and no one is held accountable. Sweden is run by a bunch of imposters who abuse their power and don’t care about our well-being.”

“Criticism of mass migration may be silenced by the agreement. We must stand up for free speech. It is time to bring out our inner Vikings, to ignore political correctness and become even braver and clearer in how we speak and express ourselves”, she said.

Tullberg mentioned the Dublin Regulation which states that refugees should claim asylum upon arrival in the first safe country – something the Migration Pact clearly ignores.

He also criticised environmental destruction as grounds for asylum, since it basically means that people who neglect and destroy their country’s environment are rewarded rather than punished.

Matikainen argued that the Pact is full of rights – but contains no obligations.

Strangely enough, there were no left-wing counter-protesters present. Perhaps even Antifa have realised that Sweden has major problems.

At the end of the demonstration the Swedish national anthem was sung. No Swedish mainstream media has reported the event.


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