Joy Behar Flips Out on “The View” and Gets WRECKED By Meghan McCain

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Posted 8 days ago

“The View” hosts Joy Behar and Meghan McCajn got into a verbal altercation over a segment meant to honor George H.W. Bush that Behar wanted to turn into a bash Trump segment.

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“The View” host Joy Behar attracted the wrath of co-host Meghan McCain on Monday when she attempted to use former President George H.W. Bush’s death to attack current President Donald Trump.

The panel of “The View” women were eulogizing Bush, who passed away late Friday night, when Behar compared his policies and views on climate change to those of Trump.

“I want to say one thing about him that was not picked up really because as a candidate he said, ‘those who think we’re powerless to do anything about the greenhouse effect are thinking about the White House effect,'” Behar said. “This president that we have now is going to unravel everything that he did and Obama did, and if I ever become a one-issue voter, it will be about pollution.”

“Can we focus on the president, please?” McCain interrupted. “I just, I don’t want to talk about Trump when we’re in a moment — when we’re honoring a great president.”

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