BREAKING: Rudy Giuliani Calls For Investigation of Broward and Palm Beach Counties in FL

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 9 days ago

Mayor Rudy Giuliani says Democrats are trying to steal the Florida election.

From Rudy Giuliani:

Hillary’s lawyers trying to steal Florida election. They are still counting(or creating)ballots just in Democratic Broward and Palm Beach. All other votes counted in the state. Court should disqualify votes counted only after all other counties were finished.

Democrats love to say there is no voter fraud in US. That’s because it is a regular part of their machine politics and you have to be naive,even simple minded not to recognize it. Investigate Broward and Palm Beach Counties in FL and I’m told you will find plenty.

Why does it take 2 days or more time to count ballots in Broward and Palm Beach,FL? Count is over in the other counties?Are they just slower or do they cheat? Why is a Democrat pol,found to have illegally destroyed ballots in 2016,in charge of the endlessly continuing count.

You would have to be a fool to believe an endless count in only 2 of 67 counties in FL. is to count every ballot. Time for court to intervene and not give these 2 counties more time than all other counties. Incompetence or fraud? Could they be waiting to create more votes?

From Governor Rick Scott:


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