BREAKING: Florida Senate Race In Jeopardy Of Flipping Back to Blue!

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In the wake of the announcement that Florida would be having a recount in its election for Governor and is still counting ballots in multiple races, Marco Rubio posted a number of tweets showing a Florida Senate seat could be flipped back to the Democrat incumbent. It all involves Broward County and their ballot counting process.

According to Rubio, Broward County election officials are still counting ballots and are refusing to disclose how many ballots they have left to count.

Somehow Rick Scott’s lead has quickly gone from 54,000 to 17,000 and Broward County refuses to disclose how many ballots are left to count which is odd.

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Just 21,888 votes (UPDATE: As of 2:10 p.m., it's 17,344) out of 8.2 million separate Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott in the Florida Senate race. And the margin continues to narrow — it was at nearly 60,000 on election night and 34,000 yesterday afternoon.

One thing is clear: This race is headed to a recount. Scott, the Republican, leads Nelson, the Democrat, by 0.26 percentage points. That is well within the margin for a machine recount (0.5 percent) and very close to the threshold for a recount-by-hand (0.25 percent).

(UPDATE: It's now at 0.22 percent meaning an eventual manual recount is likely.)

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Nelson's campaign believes the final vote total will continue to move in their favor even before the recount takes place. His election lawyer, Marc Elias, declared on a conference call Thursday morning that the Senator will be victorious and by the end of the month, he'll be preparing for a fourth term in Washington.

"At the end of this process Sen. Nelson is going to prevail," Elias said. "I am very measured in how I treat what i say. When i say it is currently a jump ball … I mean that."

What gives him this hope? Here's the path to a Nelson victory.

Not all the ballots have been counted yet in South Florida, a Democratic stronghold

As of Thursday morning, two voter-rich counties were still tabulating an unknown number of ballots.

Broward County, where Nelson received 68.9 percent of the votes, was still counting early voting, vote-by-mail and Election Day ballots.

Palm Beach County, where Nelson received 58.4 percent of the votes, was still counting vote-by-mail ballots.

If the breakdown of these pending ballots is anything close to the results so far, Nelson should pick up more votes than Scott. But no one has been able to say how many uncounted ballots remain, not even Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.

"Were finishing up with the count as we speak. And we've got to get every vote in," Snipes said. "We're not going to rush through it … Our absolute deadline is tomorrow for the first unofficial results."

In Broward County, 695,799 people turned in ballots. But only 665,688 voted in the Senate race.

That's a 30,000 difference, a remarkable disparity given the stakes in this race and the name-recognition of these officials.

It's a degree of undervote that is non-existent in the other statewide races on the ballot. For example, more than 690,000 people voted in the governor's race. If the results as they stand are accurate, more people voted for Agriculture Commissioner than U.S. Senate.

So what happened? It's not clear. Elias dismissed bad ballot design, a theory that circulated a bit on Wednesday. Instead, Elias thinks that either a machine problem in certain precincts or marking issues on the ballot led to thousands of uncounted votes in the Senate race.

What are your thoughts? Are the dems trying to steal the election? Please share and comment with your opinions.


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