BREAKING: Martha McSally in Arizona is leading the Democrat

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Posted 9 days ago

BREAKING: Martha McSally leads Democrat radical Kyrsten Sinema for the US Senate seat in Arizona by just over 17,000 votes. Republicans are keeping a close eye for counting shenanigans by Democrats in Maricopa County.

GOP candidate Martha McSally is the first female U.S. fighter pilot to ever see combat in the history of the nation and it gets no coverage. If McSally wins, she will be the first female US Senator from AZ. Conservative women are rising.

Kristi Noem (R): 1st female Governor of SD

Marsha Blackburn (R): 1st female US Senator from TN

Young Kim (R): 1st Korean-American elected to the House

Next: Martha McSally (R): 1st female US Senator from AZ


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