Election Pundits Who "Guaranteed" A Republican House Have Been Put On Blast!

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Some election pundits have owned up to mistakenly predicting Republicans would hold the house, unlike others such as Bill Mitchell, who deflected from his own failures.



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In spite of boasting by President Trump and virtue signaling liberals on the 2018 midterm elections, it is difficult for either party to claim a victory. While some on the right will argue that “the sitting party isn’t supposed to win midterm elections” and others on the left will claim victory with the return of Speaker Pelosi, the fact of the matter is, the outcome was largely the “market expectation”, and far less will change politically than anticipated.

We will start off by sharing the expected final Senate map at 270 To Win…

…and begin the discussion with the positive election takeaways for Trump’s GOP, and our calls.

What went right
Barring something unforeseen in Arizona, Florida or Montana, the GOP will wind up 54 Senate seats, which was exactly our called “over/under” for the upper legislative chamber. We were resoundingly correct in our predictions for Missouri, Tennessee, North Dakota, all of which the GOP won easily, in predicting Arizona and Florida’s close GOP wins, and in predicting Manchin’s DNC win in West Virginia. And while we predicted a close contest in Indiana, the GOP ended up running away with it, with Braun defeating Donnelly by 9.5 points.

And in the one race that we notably did not call, we correctly predicted Montana’s razor-thin contest, which appears will be won by Tester. In our election guide update, we noted the following regarding Libertarian Rick Breckenridge abandoning his candidacy to support Rosendale:

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