Top Democrats overheard planning impeachment assault on Trump and Kavanaugh, on a train!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 10 days ago

A reporter for The Federalist overheard incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., revealing the dangerous plan of dismantling our Republic via impeachment proceedings. President Trump has already warned Democrats about this move and is probably aware of what's to come in the years of his Presidency.

Mollie Hemingway tweeted the following scoop: "Here we go. I rode the train down with an important incoming chairman of House Judiciary and heard about their plans to impeach Kavanaugh and Trump. #RussiaRussiaRussia!"


Nadler was headed to DC for a two-day planning session with his staff and Judiciary Committee staff. “We’ve got to figure out what we’re doing,” he explained in a phone call with a friend. Nadler requested that the friend’s name be concealed on the grounds he is a private citizen.

The two discussed two routes for investigating new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. The first is to go after the FBI for how they handled the investigation into unsubstantiated claims he sexually assaulted women. “They didn’t even do a half-ass job,” he said. “They didn’t interview 30 witnesses who said ‘Interview me! I’ve got a lot to say!'” he said, while mimicking people waving their hands to be called on.

His other plan is to go after Kavanaugh because “there’s a real indication that Kavanaugh committed perjury.” He claimed that The Atlantic published an article about the allegations of a third woman. Then he claimed that when Kavanaugh was “asked at a committee hearing under oath when he first heard of the subject, he said, ‘When I’d heard of the Atlantic article.’ But there is an email chain apparently dating from well before that from him about ‘How can we deal with this?'” Nadler told the caller.

This morning, President Trump responded to looming threats of Democrats piling subpoenas on him. Trump said "Two can play that game!":


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