Chelsea Handler Attacks White Women For Voting For Ted Cruz!

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Posted 10 days ago

Comedian Chelsea Handler criticized white woman who voted for Senator Ted Cruz in the midterm elections.

Once again, the left is playing identity politics for votes rather than allowing people to vote for their individual beliefs.

On election day, Handler made headlines by posting an instagram message topless.

Posted 11 days ago: Chelsea Handler Goes Topless To Get Votes!

Comedian Chelsea handler just posted a video message while topless urging her followers to vote. As reported by
Comedian Chelsea Handler has posted a video to Instagram encouraging her fans to “vote like your life depends on it.” In the clip, Handler is wearing only a pair of knickers and appears to be midway through getting dressed, with her arms covering her breasts. It certainly marks a change from the usual format for public service announcements. Handler posted the short clip to Instagram Stories, in which she also said she will be campaigning for Democratic candidates in her home state of California: Katie Porter, who is running for state representative in the 45th District, and Gil Cisneros from the 39th district. She also said that she will make an appearance at UC Irvine. The nude appeal to hit the polls is just the latest get-out-the-vote tactic from the comedian’s social media feeds, which have been a spigot of pro-Democrat musings in recent days.
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