Hollywood Shred’s Kanye West!

Hollywood has lauched a serious attack on rapper Kanye West in the aftermath of his White House meeting with President Trump.

As reported by kagfeed.com
Hollywood celebrities had a meltdown over rapper Kanye West’s visit to the White House on Thursday.

Apparently, it’s ok for Taylor Swift to come out and support Democrats – that’s allowed.

But god forbid someone shows public support and love for our America First President…

He’s attacked and berated beyond recognition.



Hollywood celebrities from Josh Gad to Billy Eichner to Chelsea Handler lost their minds Thursday, attacking and mocking Kanye West after he visited the White House and expressed his opinions in the Oval Office.

Kanye West told reporters in the Oval Office that President Trump was “on his hero’s journey right now.”

“He might not have thought he’d have a crazy mother-fucker like Kanye West run up and support, but best believe — we are going to make America great,” West added.

“Kanye West says he thinks of Trump as a father. Guess who doesn’t think of Kanye as a son?” Chelsea Handler tweeted.


“How any serious journalist or news outlet could cover this Kanye West nonsense instead of climate change, voter suppression in Georgia or any number of issues that actually matter and not this fucking bullshit pr stunt by a narcissistic pop star I’ll never know. Shameful,” comedian Billy Eichner tweeted.



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Posted Friday, October 12, 2018


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