Report: Study Shows Conservatives Outnumber Progressives 3 to 1

If Democrats want to win again they need to stop the aggressive and violent tactics they have become fond of since 2016. A new study reported in "Hidden Tribes: A Study of America’s Polarized Landscape" shows liberal progressives make up a tiny minority of Americans. The study shows that even people in the "moderately left" part of the American political spectrum share significant number of values with people in the "moderately right" part. They recognize the same items as significant, and so can hold actual dialogue with people across a wide spectrum of views.

•Progressives: 8%
•Social (Centre-Left) and Classical (Centre-Right) Liberals: 41%

•Conservatives 25%
•Normies: 26%

From Tim Pool:

New Study Is Bad News For Progressive Activists as it shows 80% of Americans think political correctness is a problem. It shows that progressive activists only make up 8% of the country but conservatives make up 25%.

Even more interesting for those focused on social justice and diversity is that the "politically disengaged" group actually shares its values and concerns with conservatives. This probably explains why media companies and politicians that chase social justice and progressive issues don't do that well

Watch his video:

Posted Thursday, October 11, 2018


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