Trump Predicted To Not Seek Re-Election!

Joe Scarborough has been jealous of President Trump since his inauguration. It’s only natural Scarborough has been dreaming about the end of Trump’s presidency.

Scarborough predicts Trump to end his presidency by 2020.


Joe Scarborough said this morning it seems like Nikki Haley may run in 2020, though he still doubts President Donald Trump will.

“If there’s been anybody that the White House has been worried about running in a primary in 2020,” he said, “it would be Nikki Haley. And as you look back at her service, I think she is one of the few members that has remained independent and has stuck pretty steadfast to a traditional U.S. foreign policy position.”

David Ignatius noted that it seems like Haley is the “rare person” in Trump’s orbit that is exiting from the White House with her reputation and her dignity intact.

He added it seems like her comments yesterday were more about a 2024 campaign announcement as opposed to 2020, where she would be challenging Trump.

“There always has been talk about Nikki Haley… possibly running in 2020. David’s talking about 2024,” Scarborough said. “If my theory holds, Donald Trump won’t seek reelection.”

And if that’s the case, he added, Haley is now avoiding getting behind Mike Pence and is “getting out in front of everything.”

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Posted Thursday, October 11, 2018


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