JUST IN: Trump Directly Accuses Hillary At the Rally!

During a rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump directly accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in conspiracy with Russia during the 2016 election.


As reported by nbcnews.com

ERIE, Pa. — President Donald Trump directly accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in a conspiracy with Russia to affect the 2016 election during a campaign rally here Wednesday night.

"There was collusion between Hillary, the Democrats and Russia," Trump said, just after his supporters had chanted "lock her up" about Clinton. "There was a lot of collusion with them and Russia and lots of other people."

Special counsel Robert Mueller is currently investigating whether Trump or his operation colluded with Russia or obstructed justice afterward. But Trump allies in Congress and on cable news programs have argued that Democrats, Justice Department and FBI officials and the Clinton campaign conspired to frame him.

Trump has discussed that theory publicly and on Twitter, but his remarks Wednesday night amounted to an unusually direct allegation that Clinton herself conspired with the Russian government to influence the election. He offered no evidence of his claim.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said Trump is in fantasy land.

“Delusion, not collusion,” he said.

Trump arrived at the Erie Insurance Arena as part of a barnstorming campaign in the final weeks before November's midterm elections just hours after Hurricane Michael barreled into the Florida coastline as a Category 4 storm. Trump told reporters he didn't want to disappoint his supporters by canceling the event, and he said at the rally that his administration is prepared to handle the aftermath of the storm.

"We are all set to go," he said.

Posted Thursday, October 11, 2018


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