School Bans ‘Tag’ - Says It Causes Children To Get ‘Hurt’ or ‘Mad’

Liberals will try to ruin everything won’t they?

A school in South Carolina has now banned tag from the playground because it may trigger kids emotionally and cause injuries.


Roxanne Altman excitedly asked her third-grader how her first week of school at Seaside Elementary went, but was surprised to hear that her daughter was told she wasn’t allowed to play one of her favorite games during recess anymore.

That’s when she learned that tag is out at Seaside Elementary.

“We have a rule at recess that says ‘Keep your hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.’ Many times, tag leads to children getting hurt, mad or involved in physical altercations, so we are just being pro-active,” said new Seaside Elementary Principal Barbara Ammons. “They can still play kickball, basketball, soccer, run around, swing, etc. as long as it doesn’t involve putting your hands on another child.”

Horry County School District spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said the district does not have a policy regarding playground rules, so they are left up to individual principals.

Altman said she asked her daughter if someone got hurt, or if there was an incident that led to the rule being changed, because the previous principal at the school did not have that rule.

“I can understand if there was an incident, but accidents happen. You could trip in the hall. These are stupid excuses they’re trying to come up with,” Altman said.

Altman said she and a few other Seaside parents hope to meet again with Ammons to discuss the rule. Altman said she was upset that her daughter didn’t understand the rule, and thought it wasn’t explained in any of the material her daughter brought home during the first week of school.

“If it is such a big deal, it should be in the handbook or in student information and policies, about designated playground rules,” Altman said.

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Posted Saturday, September 15, 2018


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