Wikileaks Just Helped to Identify the Author of the Anonymous Op-Ed!

Leaker group wikileaks claims it conducted a language analysis and determined that the writer of the anonymous New York Times op-ed is an older conservative male.

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Since Wednesday, when The New York Times published an anonymous op-ed written by a senior official in President Donald Trump’s administration, many people and organizations have put forth their own theories as to who the writer might be, including WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks tweeted that it had conducted a statistical analysis of the language the author used in the op-ed and determined that the writer was likely an older, conservative male, which, as some have pointed out, doesn’t narrow down the suspects all that much.

WikiLeaks also recommended that whoever wrote the article should consult adversarial stylometry and forensic-author profiling to protect himself, or herself.

Stylometry has been used to determine the author of written work in historical, literary and criminal investigations. It analyzes the linguistic formation of a document, while traditional methods often relied on the belief that a person wasn’t trying to conceal his or her identity.

Adversarial stylometry, however, presumes that authors of a document deliberately modified their writing style. A research paper on the topic found that adversarial stylometry could reduce the effectiveness of traditional methods of identification by more than 95 percent.

Former WikiLeaks spokesman Daniel Domscheitt-Berg noted in his book, Inside WikiLeaks, that had someone run the WikiLeaks documents through a program that analyzed the writing, it would have been quickly discovered that the same two people wrote the press releases, document summaries and correspondence.

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Posted Saturday, September 08, 2018


VWilliams 12 days ago (report)

With all evidence against these people thus far, why aren't they being stopped, being held accountable. With all the non criminals in jail, these people need to be punished and held to the highest standards. They are laughing at the justice system they once worked for. It is reprehensible. I am lost. Corruption is one thing but in our great country of right and wrong, dos and don'ts, can and can't, will and won't, for and against, etc. why are we continually hearing more evidence about corruption they were part of yet they barely lose their jobs. I believe if the roles were reversed, the GOP candidates would be on trial or jailed . Can anyone give me a lawful explanation? And everyday we hear more about wrongdoings they have committed, and still nothing gets done. No one is above the law. Money can't possibly be the reason or the answer to this debacle. We finally have hope of being a strong nation again and sour grapes is going to destroy hope without any opposition? The law cannot be circumvented because someone has deeper pockets. This is our country, U.S. A., one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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wasntme 11 days ago (report)

An anonymous source from the fake news outlet , the nyt.

It's BS. Until someone wants to stand behind what they say, STFU and go away..

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CNN = VERY Fake News 11 days ago (report)

#1: Everyone keep contacting the NYT to request the ID of the "anonymous" source be released.

#2: Check with an app if any current/former NYT writing styles match, then see if the other evidence matches.

#3: IF NYT is committing felony treason, electronically bug their offices to discover the criminal?

(Wasn't there something not long ago about them admitting to Trump office being bugged? Bug them back!)

100% sure it is not that difficult to locate the source of the article, & if the NSA is put into play...

I'd say NYT tried to produce a roast, but it's already too late, they are toast!

Thank God for President Trump!


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Tim Riley 11 days ago (report)

Fake all the way

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Pam Cook 10 days ago (report)

John Brennan would be a very good guess! They’ve said he has ways to get back at you!

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