Alex Jones: I'm not afraid to die

The Big Tech companies has it out for Alex Jones and they're doing everything they can to silence him. With YouTube, Facebook and Apple deleting him from their platforms, Jones says we're experiencing a purge, and it's not just him they're trying to silence, it's freedom loving Americans.

"You may not like me, you may despise my politics, but I am the canary in the coal mine," Jones said.

"They want to set a horrendous precedent which will strangle free speech online, FOREVER," he added.

"Should billionaires & huge corporations get to decide what we can say and read?"

"Don't let them win!"

Jones says he's not afraid to die for freedom.

"I’m not afraid to die...I’m afraid to live on my knees in a world run by lesser men who control the destiny of my children," he said.

According to the website Big Brother Watch, Big Tech's deletion of Jones from their platforms "is a watershed moment for the information age."

"Our view on the industry no-platforming of Infowars. Whatever you think of Infowars, this style of execution benefits no one," the website stated.


It may be that Infowars exceeded a prescribed number of strikes or warnings and therefore committed its own suicide — but it is vanishingly unlikely that Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube, not to mention the others, all arrived at their own independent conclusions against Infowars at the same time purely by coincidence. So if we are indeed witnessing international erasure on the basis of political opportunism rather than a specified threshold of the rules being breached, we should all have cause for concern.

It is vital that the tech companies inspire public trust and confidence in their judgements. They must take their responsibility to protect users from violent and unlawful content as seriously as their duty to uphold and promote free expression. Sensitive decisions about what is and is not permissible speech or information need to be made transparently and delivered honestly, objectively and equitably. The rules must be fair, and where they are breached, there should be clear, foreseeable consequences.

It is easy for people to accept or even congratulate the no-platforming of Infowars — but this watershed moment in the information age means it will not be the last group to be summarily ‘unpublished’, ‘terminated’, and effectively thrown down the electronic memory hole without a specified explanation. And next time, people may not be so comfortable with the target.

Posted Friday, August 10, 2018

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