BREAKING: CNN Just Outted Elizabeth Warren!!

CNN was caught accidentally reporting that Elizabeth Warren is not actually Native American.

As reported by
Sharice Davids, a lesbian ex-MMA fighter, won the Democratic primary in Kansas.

I’d say more, but she can DEFINITELY kick my A$$… so anyway…

She also just so happens to be Native American. Yes, a REAL Native American.

Which means if she wins in November, (Let’s hope she doesn’t. She’s a Dem, after all.) she’ll be the first Native American woman elected to Congress.

The liberal media was ALL ABOUT IT… until they realized they EFFED UP.

For those in the back:

CNN tweeted this on Wednesday, at 4:05PM.

Yeeeah. Whabout Warren?

They got called out.

And I’m thinking someone got an AAAANGRY phone call, ‘cuz check this out:

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Posted Friday, August 10, 2018

ConnieJMiller 2 days ago (report)

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