Look What Justice Ginsburg Said About The U.S. Constitution

The left is having a massive meltdown over the nomination of conservative judge Bret Kavanaugh, calling it “unfair” and politically biased.

Many on the left are claiming that appointing such a “radical” to the highest court in the land, “politicizes” the SCOTUS.


Well, speaking of politicizing, let’s look at Justice Ginsberg, who told a TV station in Egypt not to use the current United States Constitution as a “model” for any new constitutions that are needed down the road.

Watch the videos:


And if that’s not enough “politicization” for you, here’s Ginsburg discussing how she had to get DRUNK to deal with President Trump’s election win, and how the anti-Trump resistance gives her “hope.”

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Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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