More Fake News From The Fusion GPS Funders Has Been Exposed!

The Washington Free Beacon has been exposed peddling fake news regarding Russian military capabilities. Previously, the Free Beacon, primarily funded by hedge fund mogul Paul Singer, had contracted Fusion GPS to do "opposition research" against Candidate Donald Trump.

From Free Market Shooter:

Earlier today, The Washington Free Beacon suggested that Russia (and China) could “soon outmatch” the US in combat aviation. The sole basis for this claim was Russia’s announcement that the nation would soon put the R-37M (AA-13 “Arrow”) missile into service:

If reports of its operational performance are accurate, it will threaten the survivability of every U.S. combat aircraft currently in service—particularly the newest U.S. fighter, the Lockheed Martin F-35.

The Free Beacon is hardly any stranger to fake news – in 2016, the outlet originally contracted Fusion GPS – the same firm behind the “Steele Dossier” – to do “opposition research” on then-candidate Trump:

The Washington Free Beacon on Friday confirmed it originally retained the political research firm Fusion GPS to scour then-candidate Trump’s background for negative information, a common practice known as “opposition research” in politics. Leaders from the Free Beacon, which is funded largely by Republican billionaire Paul Singer, insisted none of the early material it collected appeared in the dossier released later in the year detailing explosive allegations, many uncorroborated, about Trump compiled by a former British spy.

But it seems this time, the Paul Singer-funded Beacon has eschewed paying for opposition research in favor of purely click-bait headlines. While I’m anything but a fan of the F-35, even a cursory glance at Wikipedia would demonstrate that this missile isn’t designed to engage the F-35… or any other fighter:

It was designed to shoot down AWACS and other C4ISTAR aircraft whilst keeping the launch platform out of range of any fighters that might be protecting the target.

Russia’s development of the AA-13 is an expansion of a capability it already had in the AA-9 “Amos” missile the AA-13 was developed from – to target slow and lumbering support aircraft. The increased range of the “M” variant appears to be an acknowledgement that the Chinese strategy of targeting US Air Force support assets instead of fighters is a viable one:

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Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This was also posted about 140 days ago.

BREAKING: Satellite Image Confirms Major Russian Stealth Fighter Deployment!

Satellite imagery has confirmed that Russia has deployed its Su-57 stealth fighter to Syria. From The War Zone: Our initial analysis has been outright confirmed and at least two Russian Su-57s have been forward-deployed to Khmeimim Air Base in western Syria. Satellite imagery dated February 23rd, 2018 shows two of the aircraft parked on the base's tightly packed fixed-wing tactical aircraft ramp. It appears that one of the aircraft wears the "shark" scheme, first seen of fifth T-50 prototype "Blue 055," while the other seems to wear a similar paint job, albeit with less contrast and a "pixelated" or "digitized" design first on T-50 "Blue 509."

Blue 055 suffered a bad engine fire during a ground run in 2014, resulting in severe damage to its airframe. The aircraft was returned to flying condition in 2016 by using parts from an unfinished T-50 prototype.

Another satellite image appears to show an Su-57 cocooned in modular barriers on the base's southern ramp area, possibly taken at a later time than the image above. We must note that the origin of this image has not been confirmed.

The barriers, which can be used to create temporary revetments, have began to appear at the base following a series of attacks, one of which was executed via a group of GPS guided drones, in early January. Read more: Please share and comment!

This was also posted about 142 days ago.

BREAKING: Russia Deploys New Stealth Fighter To Syria!

Russia has deployed two Su-57 stealth fighters to Syria in the experimental jet's first ever combat deployment. From The War Zone: Unverified pictures and video footage has begun to circulate on social media purporting to show a pair of Russian Su-57 fighters, also known as the PAK FA and T-50, touching down at the country's Khmeimim air base in Syria's Latakia province. The Kremlin has already used the Syrian conflict as an excuse to demonstrate new and advanced weaponry and even if this video turns out to not show operations in Syria, it is likely only a matter of time before the aircraft touch down in the country. In one of the video clips, which first emerged online on Feb. 21, 2018, an Su-35 Flanker-E fighter jet, which the Russians have already deployed to Syria, is also seen flying nearby. Additional unconfirmed reports said that the Su-57s were part a larger group of Russian aircraft arriving in the country, including four additional Su-35s, four Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft, and an A-50U Mainstay airborne early warning aircraft, all types the Russians have previously deployed to the country. Still, this would be a major deployment for Russia, coming after Putin claimed total victory over terrorists in the country during a December 2017 visit where he also announced his country would begin drawing down its military presence in Syria. It's not clear what might have prompted the deployment of the stealthy fighters, which remain in the development stage. As of January 2018, Russia had received less than a dozen flyable pre-production prototypes and the design has suffered repeated setbacks. The War Zone's own Tyler Rogoway has also rightly called into question just how low-observable the aircraft really are based on number of specific features. The aircraft's appearance in Syria would follow the loss of an Su-25 Frogfoot ground attack aircraft to a rebel shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile in Idlib province earlier in February 2018, as well as an unprecedented mass drone attack on the Khmeimim outpost and the Russian naval facility in Syria's port city of Tartus the month before.

It also comes after a steadily increasing number of aggressive interactions between Russia's tactical aircraft and U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor stealth fighters over eastern Syria. If the Kremlin has sent the Su-57s to Syria it could further complicate those situations since American pilots have no actual experience, beyond intelligence assessments and possibly simulations, with how the Russian aircraft appears on their sensors and at what ranges, what the jet's actual combat capabilities are, and what threat they might pose. At the same time, of course, it could give the United States an excellent opportunity to gather new information about the fighters, especially depending on what sensors they activate or if they fly in a full low-observable configuration during missions. Although it could inject a bit more uncertainty into the air war over Syria, a pair of adolescent Su-57s, almost certainly with limited operational capabilities, will be hard pressed to change the balance of power in the conflict broadly. Russian combat aircraft in Syria have been primarily conducting indiscriminate air strikes against population centers using unguided weaponry, as well as conducting close air support missions for Syrian troops and other forces aligned with dictator Bashar Al Assad. But if it turns out that Russia has indeed sent some of these aircraft to Syria, the main underlying reasoning could easily not be tactical at all. Since Russia first entered the Syrian conflict in 2015, it has exploited the country as a proving ground and marketing showcase for new or otherwise untested advanced weapons, many of which don't necessarily fit the mission requirements. Read more: Please share and comment!

DebbieKWilliams 6 days ago (report)

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