Eleven MS-13 Gang Members Charged In Kidnapping Deaths!

Eleven MS-13 members have been charged in the kidnapping and deaths of two young boys.

Eleven MS-13 members, all in their 20's, have been charged for kidnapping and killing two young boys. Ten out of the eleven are illegal immigrants. While there is no such thing as a good reason to kill two young children, the supposed reasons behind the deaths weren't even correct. The deaths were caused by assumptions, a reason to spread fear by the MS-13 members who President Trump adequately labeled "animals".

As reported by foxnews.com

Eleven MS-13 gang members – all of whom are illegal immigrants except one – are facing life in prison after being charged in the kidnappings and deaths of two teens whose bodies were dug up in a Virginia park last year.

The ages of the male gang members charged Friday ranged from 20 to 27. All of them are from El Salvador and only one – who is believed to have fled the country – is not in police custody, according to NBC Washington.

Police uncovered the bodies of 17-year-old Edvin Escobar Mendez and 14-year-old Sergio Arita Triminio at Holmes Run Park in March 2017 after receiving a tip.

The two teens disappeared just weeks apart the prior year.

One of the two boys was killed because the MS-13 members thought he was associated with a rival gang. Just two days later the other boy was taken while taking out the garbage. He was killed because the gang members thought he was a police informant. At some point in time, ten of those MS-13 gang members came to the U.S. illegally, as children.

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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gb 22 days ago (report)

Fast track to the death sentence.

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