BREAKING: The Results of the Election Were Just Released and Look Who Won!!

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won re-election according to unofficial results on sunday.

As reported by
Mr Erdogan has 53%, while his closest rival, Muharrem Ince, is on 31%, state media report, with most votes counted.

But the opposition dispute these figures, saying many votes have yet to be counted.

Mr Erdogan also said the governing alliance of his AK Party had secured a majority in parliament.

With 96% of the votes for parliament counted, the president's AK Party leads with 43% of the votes, the state news agency Anadolu reports. The main opposition CHP is on 23%.

Crucially, the pro-Kurdish HDP looks set to reach the 10% threshold and enter parliament. This might have made it harder for Mr Erdogan's party and its ally the MHP to reach a majority, although currently they are on course to do so.

Twitter wasn’t entirely convinced by the election results:

Do you believe in the election results or do you think it was rigged?
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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Michael Perkins 22 days ago (report)

Whole cuntry is just a mob of Turkeys, look the Kerdashians came from there, I rest my case. I feel sorry for the Kurds, biggest clan of people with no coutry to call theirs, so much for democratic, like the Ottomann EMpire of past, they will kill and distort anything to keep power control to a few.

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