Well, Well, Well, Look How Meryl Steep and the Red Hen Restaurant Owner are Connected!

The owner of the “Red Hen” restaurant, who tossed out Sarah Huckabee during the middle of her dinner, also happens to be the cousin of radical leftist actress Meryl Streep, as pointed out by VA state congressman Ben Cline.

The farm-to-table business owner is just another bitter, angry, hypocritical leftist New York transplant, placing her politics above her business.

The owner says she felt “morally convicted” to ask Huckabee to leave and she says she’d do it again.

But, when an American patriot politely declines to design a wedding cake for a gay couple, based on religious conviction, that’s wrong?

HT kagfeed.com

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Anonymous bfeb70 21 days ago (report)

What a load or rubbish...lit no connection , no evidence of a connection, and even if there is a some long winded connection between these two women, WTF......are you really that imdimidated by a Hollywood actress that you can't just ignore her and get on with your own life's without having to add to the environment of hate

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