BREAKING: U.S. Steel Maker Has Made This Announcement After Trump’s Tariffs!

Steel maker JSW will reportedly build a new plant and invest $500 Million after President Trump’s Tariffs.

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A major investment is kickstarting America’s steel industry.

JSW Steel USA plans to invest $500 million to build a new factory in the U.S. Combined with a previous announcement that JSW will modernize an existing plant, the Indian-owned company is making a total investment of $1 billion after President Trump’s tax reform and tariffs on imported steel.

“The Trump administration was the driver behind giving us in the U.S. the ability to compete for capital,” JSW Steel USA CEO John Hritz said during a First on FOX Business interview with Edward Lawrence on Thursday.

JSW Steel has agreed to acquire an Acero Junction facility in Mingo Junction, Ohio, for $80.9 million.

Through its parent company, JSW Group, it’s investing upwards of $500 million in the old Ohio steel plant that was built in 1929, instead of constructing a new facility in India. The project is expected to generate an estimated 300 permanent jobs in a town of just 3,400 people.

This is a huge moment for the MAGA movement. Please share if you’re proud of President Trump and what he is doing for America.

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Jonathan 22 days ago (report)

Trump just keeps coming through. Love our great president.

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Elizabeth F. Greer 22 days ago (report)


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