Romney Backs Off Trump Right Before Vote!

Mitt Romney is getting in some last minute campaigning before the primary. Romney is facing a conservative state lawmaker, who has called out Romney as an outsider who doesn't get a long with Trump.

As the primary has gotten closer, Romney has eased up on his criticisms of Trump. He has even gone as far as saying Trump would win the 2020 election, but has yet to endorse him. While Romney has eased up on his attacks on the president, one would call him 'wishy washy' at best.

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Mitt Romney is flashing his familiar smile at city parks and backyards in Utah's mountains and suburbs this week, making his final pitch after being forced into a Republican Senate primary Tuesday against a conservative state lawmaker.

His opponent has painted him as an outsider who can't get along with President Donald Trump, but Romney has quieted his once-strident criticism.

"I'm not someone who's going to be a daily commentator on everything the president says by any means, but if there's something of significance that the president says or does, I feel a moral obligation to express my own view," he told The Associated Press in an interview at a Utah restaurant where heads turned and people stopped to ask for photos.

Romney predicted earlier this month that Trump would win re-election in 2020. He hasn't endorsed him, though, and declined to do so this week, saying it's too early and he expects Trump to have an as-yet-unknown challenger for the Republican nomination.

Still, Romney's tone has changed considerably since the 2016 campaign when he called then-candidate Trump a "phony" and a "fraud." Things change after a president is elected, Romney said, adding that he'll get behind good policies while criticizing bad ones.

On immigration, for example, Romney said he supports strong border security including a wall, but he condemned the policy of separating families after illegal border crossings. Trump ended that practice with an executive order Wednesday after a national outcry.

"It's a heartbreaking circumstance. It puts America in a terrible light around the world," Romney said.

Romney has always been sort of a fair-weather candidate, choosing the safest middle ground, and being careful not to take an official stance on topics that might be considered dangerous. At least not until he sees how the majority feels.

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Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

GWENSLOTTO 24 days ago (report)

No would not vote for Romney.

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Douglas R Newman 24 days ago (report)

Idk, you have to either be behind the POTUS or Not! Idk about Mr Romney. Are you for the People or the Dark State? Prove to me, please!

To many people have been screwed in the last 2 decades to back you up!

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