A Trump supporter went to the Red Hen and this is what happened to him

Hate can destroy a business. It's a fact the owners of Red Hen is facing and they're not having a good time today. A Trump supporter visited a Red Hen restaurant in his town and realized how badly they were treating him. He claims customer service treated him horribly because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Mark D. left this Google review after the rude treatment:

As I walked in I noticed that many of the people were not friendly at all the servers were rude and not helpful at all . Food came out and it was HORRIBLE ( thinking it was road kill ) I got up with my family and payed the bill , only to realize why they were rude and there food sucked. Why ? Well I HAD MY. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Hat on ! Don't recommend his horrible place to any of the 63 million Deplorable's. Oh by the Sarah sends her regards

- Mark D.

Some Trump supporters say they can use Red Hen's bigotry against them by putting on their MAGA hat after the meal.


How did Red Hen became such a bigotted restaurant? This is where it comes from:

The district Red Hen resides in is over 60% GOP supporting. The restaurant's days are numbered.



Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Glen Harrington 24 days ago (report)

It’s good to know, where not to go,?

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lizmullin 23 days ago (report)

shut down red hen

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