BREAKING: Look what some conservatives are doing to protest Red Hen bigotry

The liberals at Red Hen restaurant don't know what mess they've gotten themselves into when they kicked Sarah Sanders and her innocent family out of the restaurant. While most conservatives are boycotting the restaurant forever, some are protesting by wearing their MAGA hat to their restaurant to see if they'll be asked to leave.

"I'm game how about you! Get your #MAGA hats on and #LetsRoll" tweeted one person.

"I'm gonna go to Red Hen order the best thing on the menu, eat half of it and then put my "make America great again" hat on. Free meal!" wrote another.

A lot are calling for a massive boycott of the liberal business.

Posted Sunday, June 24, 2018

Anonymous 4fec09 24 days ago (report)

Anyone live close should go there tonight and just party outside, RED....

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