Look What Is Making European Leaders Afraid - Of Their Voters!

European world leaders are feeling the heat of unmitigated migration into the continent from the middle east and northern Africa.

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This week, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are facing unprecedented circumstances as a restless populace finally awakens to the dangers of free and unfettered migration across Europe.

According to a new poll, nearly half of German voters want Merkel to resign. After Merkel rejected proposed reforms to migration policies, many voters took chagrin to her pro-immigration policies that often come at the expense of ordinary citizens.

43% of Germans said they want Merkel to quit, another 42% said she should stay – 15% were unsure of how they felt.
After years of open borders and the bloodshed of innocent citizens, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) demanded that Merkel get tough on illegal migrants and gave her a two-week deadline to find solutions to the rampant problems associated with refugees and migrants before they close the region’s borders without her consent.

CSU leader and interior minister Horst Seehofer is leading the charge against the policy of Merkel’s open borders for Germany. Among his demands are returning illegal migrants who have been rejected for asylum in other nations bordering the country and focusing on German citizens first and foremost. Sound familiar?

President Trump even weighed in on the situation earlier this week, calling out the soaring crime rate in Germany and the vulnerable situation Merkel now finds herself in amidst a violently changing culture where migrants refuse to assimilate…


On the heels of Merkel’s embattled position, French President Emmanuel Macron even went so far as to attack and criticize the rise of nationalist and conservative political parties across Europe. Macron said:

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Posted Saturday, June 23, 2018

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The Stats Are In On Foreign Migration Into Europe!

The non-U.K. born population is exploding, and marriage is being used in Sweden as a tool to keep migrants in the country. From Free Market Shooter: fmshooter.com In a stunning new report from the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics, it has been revealed that the number of foreign-born Britons rose from 9.2 million in 2016 to 9.4 million in 2017. 2017’s increase to 9.4 million is a record high and teeters dangerously close to 10 million. The increase comes in consequence of Europe’s open borders which allows free access across most of the continent. Migrants and refugees – mostly invaders under the guise of asylum-seekers – have long been streaming into the United Kingdom and Europe, refusing to assimilate into contemporary Western society. Last week, Hungarian deputy prime minister, Zsolt Semjen forewarned of an “Islamic invasion” that will bring a demographic and culture shift so large it will reduce Europeans to being a “minority in our own continent”. Speaking to hundreds of thousands of ethnic Hungarians at a pilgrimage gathering in Transylvania, Romania, Semjen said: Read more: fmshooter.com Please share and comment!

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Migrants Are Forcing Underage Girls Into "Sex Slavery" In This European Country

Girls in the Netherlands are being forced into sex slavery by migrants. From Free Market Shooter: fmshooter.com In a startling report by Dutch newspaper, Algemeen Dagblad (AD) it has been revealed that more than a thousand girls will be blackmailed and forced into prostitution over the course of a year in the Netherlands. The article details Watch Netherlands – a cooperative organization between the Center Against Child and Human Trafficking and Fier and Terre des Hommes, an aid organization. In Randstad, Netherlands, Watch Netherlands operates from an action center with a dozen researchers and IT specialists who search for evidence of child exploitation after it is reported by parents, taxi drivers, or even the victims of the sexual abuse themselves. The AD article makes reference to “loverboys” – sex traffickers whom “the lion’s share has a migration background”. The report by AD also reveals that through their work, Watch Netherlands transferred more than 70 cases to authorities last year. Watch Netherlands investigates how many victims a sex trafficker ensnares, where the children are offered for sale, and where victims are kept hidden. The organization even has private detectives that are sent out to observe on location to gather evidence. The traffickers will befriend and manipulate young girls into having sex with them and will proceed to film or take a photo during their initial sexual foray, thus blackmailing the girl. Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps, Dutch police specialists in human trafficking say of the “loverboys”: Read more: fmshooter.com Please share and comment!

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European Citizens Are Beginning To Accept Migrants - Into Their Homes!

Irish Citizens are being urged by their own government to accept migrants in spare bedrooms in their homes. From Free Market Shooter: fmshooter.com In Ireland, homeowners have been asked to use spare rooms – or even vacant properties – to house migrants. The government’s Irish Refugee Protection Program would see Irish citizens housing migrants for up to a year. The national campaign that advocates for citizens to “put empty space to better use” is organized and run by the Irish Red Cross, who said in a statement: Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities. The Irish Red Cross also further explains that any asylum seeker or migrant housed through this program would be given a caseworker who provides them with employment support, education, and healthcare. In a bid to resettle 4,000 asylum seekers from camps in Greece and Italy, the Irish Red Cross is demanding space in people’s homes – and giving the refugees great handouts, at that. It’s been revealed that whilst hundreds of free rooms and vacant houses were pledged when the organization previously ran the campaign in 2015, only 88 translated into actual accommodations for migrants. Many people withdrew their offers once they were contacted by the Irish Red Cross. Breitbart is quick to point out that pledger, Mary O’Reilly has been lauded as a success story for the program by both the Irish Red Cross and Ireland’s mainstream media. O’Reilly’s story has been promoted as a success and she described being “enriched” by her choice to take in a 26-year-old Syrian refugee into her home. O’Reilly posited in an interview: Read more: fmshooter.com Please share and comment!

Glen Harrington 26 days ago (report)

These Africans are not Slaves, yet they are abusing a population for not doing what they want. And when they don’t get what they won’t, they will take it. Not vary Christian. Or are they all Muslims,?

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