BREAKIN: He Just Called For An Invasion of the U.S. By Mexico!!

Mexico’s next President has called for an invasion of the United States by Mexican citizens.

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Well…at least a leader of Mexico is admitting what’s been going on for a loooong time. The radical open borders element on both sides has been welcoming millions of illegals for decades. Yes, decades…

Open borders advocates on the left see policing the border as a form of cruelty and American imperialism. There are also radical organizations that feel Mexico deserves a southern portion of America.

The Conservative Treehouse warns:

It would take Mexico several decades to achieve a level of wealth even close to the U.S., and they have no structural (political) systems in place to form the foundation of such an approach. So, AMLO’s faster plan is to use migration into the U.S. to break down barriers, collapse the economic dam and allow the natural flood of U.S. wealth to flow into Mexico.

From the Mexican perspective this is a pretty solid economic approach that just might work; and they have open-border comrades within the progressive, democrat, republican and corporate political systems (all over the U.S) who already support such a strategy.

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Posted Saturday, June 23, 2018 26 days ago (report)

It would be a very short battle if Mexico became an aggressive enemy!!!!!!!!!!! If Mexico lost the billions of dollars that illegals send to Mexico annually along with all the business and help they get from the US, they would only have Drug money!!!!!!!!!

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