BREAKING: Liberal protesters swarm home of DHS secretary

The left-wing media has done it this time. They've turned the Department of Homeland Security Secretary into a villain. Footage has emerged from this morning of protesters at the door step of Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen's home demanding open-border.

Some say these people should be charged with trespassing.

Do you think the liberal media is trying to cause a civil war? Some say it has already begun.

Posted Friday, June 22, 2018

Kweeping 25 days ago (report)

In our views opinion n observation we believed the democratic party has gone crazy n have no ability to tell the party members n supporters to be sensible in what they are doing n should tell them if you don't stand for logic n gone wild they will ask the present government the republican party to do what they have to do to sent them to prison n punished them. Then that is the right way n bearing in mind Obama had approved the rules to prevent n arrest those illegals to prison in 2014 . It is logic you can trespass into another sovereign country without permission n without legal documents. Can we all go into you house n cars n do what ever we like. There must be law n orders. We proposed the wall should start immediately to prevent all these trouble because the open border are attracting robbery n bad things to happened. Why it is like you have a warehouse stored with money food gold n diamond you just wanted people to go in to rob n steal n you don't prevent.which you are wrong.if you have locked it n take precautions people bound want to steal n robbed. This are our views opinion n observation.

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