Look What Protestors Are Doing At Capitol Hill

70 children are at Capitol Hill protesting and copying what is allegedly happening at the border.


As reported by cbsnews.com

As the White House struggles to move past another self-imposed crisis, Democrats are fighting to ensure this one isn't quickly forgotten. Fiery Democratic leaders from Vermont to New Jersey to Texas met President Donald Trump's executive order to stop dividing immigrant families with deep skepticism, promising waves of protests, border visits and congressional oversight to shine new light on the Republican administration's immigration tactics.

"I'm still on the highest level of alert. I still think we're in a state of national crisis," New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker told The Associated Press in an interview.

Yet for all the outrage, the fallout from Trump's policy to separate children from their parents at the border — and his subsequent reversal on Wednesday — highlighted a scattershot strategy from a Democratic Party still searching for new leadership and a consistent message as the Trump presidency stretches deeper into its second year.

The kitchen-sink approach comes as Democrats work to sustain the energy of the Trump resistance heading into this fall's midterm elections when the GOP's House and Senate majorities are at stake. At the same time, the Democratic Party's most ambitious were eager to play a leading role in the high-profile immigration debate as a possible precursor to the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

Some Democrats in Congress called for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to resign. Others railed against what they called Trump's human rights violations at the border. Liberal activists pushed forward with plans to host protests across more than 200 U.S. cities at the end of the month. And at least one Democrat, Maine Senate candidate Zak Ringelstein, was preparing to risk arrest outside a Texas detention facility to highlight the plight of young immigrants.

What do you think folks? Should President Trump continue with the “zero tolerance” policy?

Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018

Jim 25 days ago (report)

I am so sick of protests LgB gay kids for gun control police treatment left will try to do anything to get a protest started now its about kids on the border.do u really think j fonda or p Fonda thimks about kids?You on the left are about to see what a protest is all about there could be truble you see the police,the american bikers association the poor stupid people who are uneducated just might get together. and protest.the reason were not we have jods and kids baseball practice cooking and cleaning which none of you one the left have heard about were called the middle class you know we're the ones who pay your saleries you know the ones that tweet to fast an misspell words sometimes because were in a hurry to cook breakfast and get to work on time. When you do get a bunch of Pres Trump supporters mad enough you dems may be sorry you encourged such behavior .we all agree we were dems once not anymore .until dems quite obstructing justice and get your act together the democrat party is gone . most of the democrats voted for our president mr Trump. What can't you understand we wanted no part of hilery we want no part of chuckie nancy or top ranking FBI dirty cops we want American politics. Honest .we want term limits.politions should not be able to get rich in politics

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Brad 25 days ago (report)

american liberals are insane, the way they USE their own kids is appaling

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