Top Democrat Says Party Members Out Of Line With Trump Protest!

A top Democrat says that the protest against Trump by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus was 'not appropriate'.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, an avid critic of Trump, says it was inappropriate for Democratic members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to shout at President Trump when he was in the Capitol.

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Five members of the CHC -- all Democrats -- stood within the President's pathway on Tuesday after he met with Republicans and held up signs, while some shouted at him over the border policy.

"Stop separating our families," Rep. Juan Vargas of California yelled. "Mr. President, don't you have kids? Don't you have kids, Mr. President?"

"We won't go away," shouted Rep. Adriano Espaillat of New York.

The President ignored them as he reached his arm in the air to wave at cameras and reporters assembled behind the group of members.

In a statement to CNN after the interview, Hoyer said he supports the CHC's right to protest but argued members "must uphold a level of decorum."

A Congressional intern also shouted an obscenity at President Trump as he entered the Capitol earlier this week. It seems as though respect for the position of President of the United States no longer exists.

Should people be allowed to talk to the President that way? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018

Anonymous 064362 28 days ago (report)

Respect should be shown regardless if you believe in the issue.

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