BREAKING: First GOP Immigration Bill Fails!

The "Conservative" immigration bill was voted down by the House. This was the first of two bills to be voted on, the other one being postponed.

The GOP has been split on the immigration solution, which resulted in two separate proposed bills to be voted on. The first being a more conservative bill, with no passage to citizenship for "Dreamers", and cracking down hard on other aspects of immigration. The other bill, more moderate, which has been postponed to allow further review before voting. The first bill was a long shot, and moderate Republicans felt it was too much, and the Democrats not willing to back it at all.

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The Republican-run House has rejected a conservative immigration bill that offered no path to citizenship for young “Dreamer” immigrants. It also would have made it harder for immigrant citizens to bring relatives to the U.S. and taken steps to crack down on illegal immigration.

The measure’s defeat was long expected. Many GOP moderates considered it too harsh and Democrats were solidly against it.

Thursday’s vote gave hard-right Republicans, who largely come from deep-red districts, a chance to broadcast to voters the tough steps they would take on the issue. The measure was defeated 231-193.

The House next plans to debate a GOP-measure crafted by Republican leaders as a compromise between party moderates and conservatives.

While there's a chance the second bill could pass, it is also possible that hard-right conservatives will vote it down for being too moderate. With tensions as high as they are right now when it comes to immigration policy, something needs to be put in place as soon as possible. This is also an opportunity for a big Republican win right before the midterms, if the party can find a way to make everyone happy.

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Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018

Eb sharp 27 days ago (report)

The liberals want open borders and will not agree to any immigration bill until they get it. The border patrol should have buses parked waiting 24/7 to drive the illegals back to the check point stations as soon as they are caught. Saves a lot of money on housing them and court costs for hearings that don't mean anything anyway.

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SUEMCKE 27 days ago (report)

My thoughts are to vote the RINOs out of office asap. We need congress to back our President. If you can't do that, get your butt out of Washington or switch to the democratic party.

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