BREAKING: Look What Time Magazine Just Put On Its Cover!!

Time Magazine has just placed a photo of President Trump staring down a crying immigrant in one of the most ridiculous cover photos we’ve ever seen.

As reported by
The latest cover of Time magazine features an image of President Trump and a crying young girl who was separated from her mother at the southern border.

"Welcome to America," the headline reads.

The image of the 2-year-old girl from Honduras went viral amid the separations of undocumented children from their families due to the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy.

The mainstream media truly has become the opposition party. The image that they are attempting to paint of President Trump is as negative as it gets now.

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Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018

Seb 27 days ago (report)

Such staged lies !we the Trump Supporters are Smarterthanyou think ...never buy Time again.

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