North Korean Test Site To Be Dismantled Identified!

The missile test site that Kim Jong Un said he would dismantle has reportedly been identified.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The missile engine test site that President Donald Trump said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had committed to destroy is a major facility in the western part of the country that has been used for testing engines for long-range missiles, according to a U.S. official.

Trump told reporters after their June 12 summit that Kim had pledged to dismantle one of his missile installations, which would be North Korea’s most concrete concession at the landmark meeting in Singapore. However, the president at the time did not name the site.

A U.S. official identified it on Wednesday as the Sohae Satellite Launching Ground, saying North Korea “has used this site to test liquid-propellant engines for its long-range ballistic missiles.” Pyongyang has said its missiles can reach the United States.

“Chairman Kim promised that North Korea would destroy a missile engine test stand soon,” the official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. There was no immediate word on the exact timetable, and North Korea has not publicly confirmed that Kim made such a commitment.

Whether this is the site that will be dismantled is not known for sure yet, but so far there has been no signs of activity from North Korea. It is still soon however, and if Kim Jong Un does not honor the agreement with Trump, it could cause a great amount of problems for the country that was actually starting to make progress with others.

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Posted Thursday, June 21, 2018

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