Rights Group Is Suing The Entire State!

An abortion rights group is suing the state of Virginia.

The group is suing to get dozens of restrictions removed, similar to the actions they just took recently in Texas. The state claims the restrictions are in place to protect women, but the abortion group disagrees.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

Reproductive rights groups have sued the state of Virginia in an effort to undo dozens of abortion restrictions there, less than a week after taking similar actions in Texas.

Some of the restrictions go back decades and include requirements for clinic licensing, requirements for undergoing an ultrasound, and a ban on allowing certain healthcare workers to provide abortions. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District Court of Virginia in Richmond.

"There comes a time when enough is enough," Rosemary Codding, founder and director of the Falls Church Healthcare Center, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said in a call with reporters Wednesday.

She called the restrictions "draconian" and said abortion providers had been singled out for "regulations not applied to other medical providers for their services."

The groups behind the lawsuits have been inspired by a ruling in 2016 that overturned restrictions in Texas. Now these groups are going state to state apparently, and suing to remove what they consider outdated laws and restrictions on abortion.

It almost seems there is a new trend in the United States being pushed by the left. If there is a law standing in your way to letting you have whatever you want, however you want it, you can just sue and make it go away to get your way.

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Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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