BREAKING: First Lady Melania Just Alerted The Secret Service!

First Lady Melania has notified the secret service of a threat made by actor Pete Fonda, who suggested Barron Trump to be “ripped” from Melania’s arms and caged up with “pedophiles.”

Fonda made the horrific suggestion a little bit after midnight on Wednesday and was deleted recently.

This is it folks, the true colors of the left. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2018

JP Michigan 30 days ago (report)

Something needs to be done about these Mother F#$@ERS. You cant go around saying shit like that. Panzy ass SOB

    L Reinert 28 days ago (report)

    I agree. Its so out of hand. Can't our First Lady press charges? Maybe if she did, all the other rotten, SOB's will think twice.

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L Reinert 28 days ago (report)

Enough is enough. No apologies, any more. He needs to be held accountable, for the vicious, remarks, he made about our President, our First Lady, and their Son, Barron. I wish Our First Lady would press charges on him. Maybe if the President and First Lady did, the others will think twice before threatening, them. Especailly Barron. How low can they go? Michelle Obummer made a remark, When they go low, we go high. Take a good look, Michelle. Can you go any lower? This is what is on your side. Nothing but a BULLY.

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