Hillary Climbs In The Polls, But It's A Bad One!

More and more people are changing their minds about Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has found herself climbing in the polls finally, it's just the wrong one. Voters are starting to believe that Russia colluded alright, but with Hillary and not Trump. In fact so many are starting to think Hillary was working with Russia that the poll numbers on the subject have doubled.

As reported by washingtonexaminer.com

The number of voters who believe that it was Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton that Russia was favoring in the 2016 election has jumped by half in a new poll.

The latest survey from Democratic pollster Public Policy Polling also found that President Trump’s supporters solidly believe that the FBI put a spy on his campaign.

Clinton’s team has long charged that Moscow worked to help Trump win, and special counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller is probing those charges. But there has also been charges that Russia was trying to help Clinton and now more voters agree.

The PPP poll found that the increase in voters who feel Moscow was on Clinton’s side in the 2016 election grew from 20 percent to 31 percent. They blame Trump’s suggestions that the Russians favored Clinton for the shift.


Do you think Russia was helping Hillary? If so, their plan clearly failed, but she has helped Russia plenty in the past clearing a deasl for them in the past, especially a purchase of uranium.

Let's get your thoughts in the comments.

Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2018

JP Michigan 30 days ago (report)

The entire swamp was helping the witch.

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Gloria 29 days ago (report)

This shouldnt even be a question.Have you people not looked at facts,THIS IS COMMON SENSE FACTS EQUAL TRUETH

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