Look What Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Just Did!

Attorney for Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, has now inserted himself into the Southern border crisis.

As reported by nypost.com
Avenatti tweeted Tuesday that he’s representing a migrant mom who he says was separated from her 6-year-old old son in Texas — and hasn’t seen him in two weeks.

“They told her he was being taken for a ‘bath’ & would be brought right back,” Avenatti tweeted.

“They separated them in Texas and shipped him to Arizona. He was crying hysterically and calling out for his mom as they grabbed him and dragged him from her for his ‘bath.’ She sobbed uncontrollably as she told the story. This is not our America,” he added in a second tweet.

The attorney, who has worked on Democratic political campaigns in the past, also shared a touching letter from the mom, named Levis, to her son, Samir.

“I lament what is happening, my son. This separation hurts my soul. But I want you to know that I haven’t abandoned you. Mama is here,” she writes in Spanish.

“When I wake up, the first thing I do is think about your eyes and the feel of your arms … in the morning and the feel of your kisses, my son. How much I miss you, Samir.”

What are your thoughts? Is Avanatti just trying to stay relevant? Please share and comment with your thoughts?

Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2018

wasntme 30 days ago (report)

Is he being paid by the feds to represent them?

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Richard R. Coppola 30 days ago (report)

This Guy manufactures Sinerios He is as much a WHOR AS HIS CLIENT STORMY DANIELS.

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